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True Zero Gravity

What is Zero Gravity, and Why is it Good for You?

Floating in absolute weightlessness is not exactly possible on earth, but Positive Posture recliners faithfully reproduce the sublime sensation of free-floating more effectively than any other recliner. Maximum support enhances rest while deep recline optimizes full-body circulation and increases lung capacity. Positive Posture products, and the decades of research behind them, take art, science, and your overall wellness to new heights.

Inspired by NASA. Perfected by Positive Posture.

Based on NASA research, True Zero Gravity identifies the stress-free alignment naturally sought by the human body when weightless in space. True Zero Gravity brings the perfect angle of repose, ideal weight distribution, and full body relaxation to luxury home and office furnishings for unmatched comfort and profound health benefits. You’ll feel it.

True Zero Gravity Recliner | Positive Posture

True Zero Gravity Weightlessness on Terra Firma

The concept of zero gravity seating is the brainchild of NASA scientists looking to counter the body abusing g­forces experienced by astronauts as they rocket skyward. The researchers’ seminal studies proved that a reclined position with feet higher than the head, and heart even with the body’s core is optimal for distributing and diluting the effects of gravity. And while this advance was first put into practice in space flight, you deserve its many invigorating attributes in your own home.


The Many Benefits of True Zero Gravity.


True Zero Gravity furnishings allow for an impressive and unrivaled level of personalization. Rest assured that optimal orientation for your specific physique is easily achieved. Positive Posture products offer an array of independent adjustments that can be combined in infinite ways to provide exceptional, truly customized comfort.


Your body intuitively seeks the right amount of flexion and extension in your limbs for maximum healing and rejuvenation. Our products let you heed the call and find the most therapeutic state as you rest and relax.

  • Enjoy True Zero Gravity for enhanced wellness
  • Quickly and quietly adjust your orientation
  • Easily assume other positions as your activity or comfort dictates TV watching, reading, etc.

The legs-­above-­heart position of True Zero Gravity reduces the strain on your cardiac muscle, allowing it to more efficiently deliver energizing oxygen throughout your body, providing relief to tired, sore muscles and creating a number of other health benefits.

  • Reduce the effects of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, varicose veins, and edema
  • Allow lungs to work at full capacity in better support of the heart and body
  • Speed injury recovery with the more pronounced High Therapy position

True Zero Gravity is an achievement in ergonomic engineering unmatched in the industry. And it can make a distinct difference in your health, wellness, and comfort. With responsive, adaptable controls, whisper­quiet internal workings, and the autonomous operation of different support segments, Positive posture products deliver a rest, relaxation, and revitalization experience unlike any other.

Isn’t it time you experience True Zero Gravity?