Infinite Adjustment Recliners

Endless Options for the Ultimate Renewal Experience

As you ease into a Positive Posture recliner, your kinesthetic senses confirm what your eyes have alluded to: this is no ordinary chair. Not only is the quality craftsmanship immediately evident, but a few light touches on the intuitive dual controls also reveal a world of positioning possibilities.

Four Positions. Infinite Adjustments.

With fully independent seat, back, and leg rest sections, our power recliners let you move effortlessly from one of four comfortable starting positions to your own specific seating profiles. Tune in to your body as it guides you in adjusting these initial orientations:


Incredible comfort meets outstanding support. The upright position contributes to a healthy posture by providing the perfect combination of cushioning and firmness.


Ideal for relaxing with a good read or getting the best angle on the big game. Optimal alignment of head, neck, spine, and extremities enhances comfort and reduces fatigue.


The closest sensation to floating you’ll find. With NASA as our muse, we developed a stress-banishing position that mirrors the orientation human bodies naturally assume in weightlessness. And it’s no exaggeration to describe the remarkable rejuvenation it provides as “life-changing.”


A holistic healing innovation. To give the body’s powerful restorative processes an active assist, we have advanced the High-Therapy position, which puts feet and calves above heart. The abundant energy your core systems save by minimizing the exertion from return circulation is naturally redirected, speeding healing and recovery.

Zero in on Your Comfort Zone

Positive Posture recliners offer an array of unique features that allow you to tailor your position to maximize relief and relaxation.


An articulating headrest lets you find the angle that best supports your head and cervical spine. Strain melts away as you give your hard-working neck muscles a much-needed respite.


A cervical support pillow, standard on some Positive Posture recliner models, provides exceptional cushioning if needed, gently cradling your head at just the right inclination.


An effective aid in the battle against chronic lower back pain, the firm lumbar support pillow sits squarely between the small of your back and the chair. Secured with a special fabric panel, it provides the requisite support for instant relief from pressure and pain.


Allowing you to establish a perfectly level base for your Positive Posture recliner, infinitely adjustable feet also accommodate the raising and lowering of the chair so you can achieve the optimal height for your physique.