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Premium Lumbar Support

Take lumbar support and back comfort to a new level with this firm yet comfortable Premium Lumbar Support. When added to your Positive Posture power recliner,  you will experience the benefits of a stronger and deeper lumbar support that will help ease any back aches or pains you may feel after sitting for long periods of time. This accessory allows you to customize the height and depth of the lumbar support to fit your exact needs, and ultimately keep your back in a comfortable neutral posture position.

MSRP – $299

Starting at $199.00

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Surge Protector

Protect your Positive Posture chair from unanticipated electrical surges with this technologically advanced surge protector. This cord is equipped with eight total outlets, six of which rotate 180 degrees for easy cord management. With a standard 3-year, $25,000 connected equipment warranty, it is also a smart choice for powering your most delicate electrical equipment.

Starting at $99.95

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