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Toda Quadro

Forged from a passion for design and an unyielding drive for supreme health and comfort. No other sleep system is able to attain these angles for wellness, convenience or deep rest. Toda Quadro’s gorgeous mixture of uncluttered grace and revitalizing range of motion is the only adjustable base to offer convex flexion. Four whisper-quiet motors maneuver every segment of the base to match your desired body position, including the head and neck. From its innovative, arched stretch position to full body inversion, Quadro quickly adjusts to the ideal orientation for any activity.

MSRP : $5,999.00

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Rest Remarkably

Toda Quadro’s breakthrough technology is every bit as singular as its simple visual elegance. The innovative positioning system delivers whisper-soft movements, with all elements engineered to maximize durability and safety. Toda Quadro’s unmatched ability to conform to your every need means you’ll rest in exceptional comfort and enjoy enhanced wellness from deep, restorative sleep.

True Innovation

Avi Barssessat is one of the world specialists in design and use of sleep systems. He personally tests all of his products at his home to insure that only top quality, effective, and comfortable designs make it to market.

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Toda Quadro Features

  • Proprietary center-mount base is most advanced and versatile available on the market today
  • Ultra smooth, luxurious operation from four powerfully quiet, independent motors
  • Limitless ergonomic variations
  • Full-body inversion elevates feet and lower extremities above level of heart to increase blood flow and decrease swelling
  • Articulating head area accommodates relaxing, reading, watching TV and more
  • Fully doubled position allows for convenient cleaning of both sleep system and floor
  • Highest quality materials for frame and platform are durable, proven and built to last
  • Made in Israel

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