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Avi Barssessat

Avi Barssessat is driven by a passion to improve the sleep habits and educate people worldwide. His book The Slumber of Kings is a testament to his myopic pursuit and Toda is his pièce de résistance.

Toda Trio

Artful design and unrivaled comfort on an infinitely adjustable base. A visual masterpiece you must see to believe. Toda Trio’s stunning synthesis of minimalist style and rejuvenating range of motion is the first adjustable base sleep system to achieve convex flexion. From the ingenious, arched stretch position to True Zero Gravity to a full body inversion setting, it quickly and quietly puts your body in the ideal orientation for any activity. High-security safe with key lock in the bed base beneath the mattress is included.

Starting at $3,799.00

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Toda Quadro

Forged from a passion for design and an unyielding drive for supreme health and comfort. No other sleep system is able to attain these angles for wellness, convenience or deep rest. Toda Quadro’s gorgeous mixture of uncluttered grace and revitalizing range of motion is the only adjustable base to offer convex flexion. Four whisper-quiet motors maneuver every segment of the base to match your desired body position, including the head and neck. From its innovative, arched stretch position to full body inversion, Quadro quickly adjusts to the ideal orientation for any activity.

Starting at $4,999.00

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