Brio Sport Commercial

Massage Chair

Make Recovery Your New Profit Center

We now know that recovery – particularly massage – is just as important to health and stress management as cardio and resistance training. We built the Brio Sport so you can offer your clients a comprehensive recovery solution and help them complete the fitness triad.

Commercial Benefits

Business Models

  1. Create a higher level subscription including unlimited Brio Sport use.
  2. Offer Brio Sport on a pay-per-use basis
  3. Gain new clients and retain more existing clients by adding Brio Sport use to a current subscription levels at no additional cost.


Commercial pricing and leasing options available

Low Maintenance

No additional staff required

T-Max control integration means all chairs can be controlled from your front desk

Easy-clean upholstery means minimal daily upkeep.


Adjustable Deep Tissue Massage

Customize the depth of your massage, from a light relaxing massage to an intense session that accelerates the rehydration of muscle tissue and releases trigger points.

Compression Therapy

Zero gravity recline and full-body compression help with lymphatic drainage, circulation, and intramuscular swelling that causes pain in the calves, feet, arms, shoulders, and hips.

Heat Therapy

Infrared heat provides general heat therapy, while pinpoint heated rollers target specific muscle groups.



Pre-Programmed Sessions

Sports Massage



Core Rotation

Warm Up

Cool Down


Full Body Air

Focused Sessions

Neck & Shoulders

Low Back

Glutes & IT Band


Manual Session Options

Manual Air Options


Chair Dimensions: L 80″ (203cm) x W 33.5″ (85cm) x H 48″ (122cm)
Chair Weight: 251 lbs
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Gross Boxed Weight: 317 lbs (144kg)
Power Supply: AC 120V  ~60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 200W
Programmed Sessions: 10
Manual Sessions: 11
Reclining Angle (degrees): 123-157
Wall Hug: 4″ needed between back and wall when upright

See the Brio Sport in Your Space

  1.  Launch the camera app on your mobile device
  2.  Aim the camera at the QR Code & click the pop-up link to view an interactive, 3D model of the Brio Sport in your space.
Already on a mobile device? Click the QR Code to launch.

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