Better health with True Zero Gravity® recliners

You don’t have to go through years of astronaut training to experience the total relaxation of zero gravity. Thanks to Positive Posture’s True Zero Gravity recliners, you don’t even have to leave your living room to enjoy the stress-free alignment naturally sought by the body when floating weightless in space (known as neutral body posture, or in lay terms, the fetal position). So in the spirit of space exploration, let’s do a countdown on the health benefits of this great ergonomic leap forward for humankind.

FIVE! Reduced joint pain
While you won’t literally feel like you’re weightless, a zero gravity recliner reduces pressure on your spine, supports your head and neck, and allows your limbs to achieve the perfect balance of flexion and extension. All of which help relieve the joint pain so many of us feel from fighting gravity all day.

FOUR! Improved circulation
By positioning your feet above your heart, a Positive Posture True Zero Gravity recliner reduces strain on your heart and increases blood flow. This helps deliver oxygen more efficiently to energize your body and relieve tired, sore muscles. It can also help reduce the effects of high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), edema, and varicose veins.

THREE! Increased lung capacity
Similarly, this position allows your lungs to work better by decreasing pressure on the diaphragm so it can more fully expand. And better breathing not only delivers more oxygen to support all your body’s systems but also helps you relax.

TWO! Back pain relief
A quality, ergonomically designed zero gravity recliner supports your spine while placing you in a neutral body posture, allowing your vertebrae to decompress and relieve built-up muscle tension and soreness.

ONE! The ultimate in relaxation
With an articulating, adjustable headrest, full coverage memory foam that contours to your whole body, and must-haves like adjustable lumbar support, Positive Posture True Zero Gravity recliners let you dial in the perfect, rejuvenating position for you.

If all of the above sound good to you, maybe it’s time you stopped into a Postive Posture dealer near you and experienced the benefits of zero gravity for yourself.

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