Vaya recliner

30-Day Trial

For a limited time, you can enjoy any Positive Posture product (accessories excluded) in your own home. Please complete the normal checkout and payment process on the site or by phone. Once the product has arrived and you have been able to experience it, you have 30 days from this arrival date to return it for a full refund of the product price minus shipping, handling and setup charges.

Simply call us at 720-616-5000 to arrange your 30-day trial. Positive Posture will retain 15% restocking fee for outbound full service shipping which covers shipping, handling and setup charges. If for any reason you are not pleased with your Positive Posture recliner and wish to return it, please let us know by phone or via email BEFORE shipping a return to us. We will provide a Return Authorization (RA), send you packing instructions and arrange the pick-up. Returns without a valid RA will be refused and returned at your cost.

Please retain all original packing. (Do not allow the delivery team to remove the boxes or packing material from your home.) If Positive Posture must ship you an empty box, we will charge you $150 for the box plus $300 in freight charges. Due to the size of the box, Positive Posture will be charged “dimensional weight” by shippers even though the box is quite light. Again, please do not discard the box if you have any thought at all of returning the product during your 30-day trial.

How to Return Your Positive Posture Product

If for any reason you are not pleased with your Positive Posture product and want to return it, please follow these guidelines:

Retain and return all manuals, accessories, power cords and tools. If these items are missing from your shipment, Positive Posture reserves the right to charge you for them.

How to Return Your Positive Posture Product

Some exclusions and exceptions apply to the Positive Posture 30-Day Home Trial. Please read through these carefully.

  • The product must be returned in “LIKE NEW” condition. Reconditioning and recovery fees may be charged if the product is soiled, damaged, mishandled, or is exempt from the trial for any of the additional exclusions and exemptions noted here.
  • Returned Positive Posture products must be in original packing material and include all original contents including, but not limited to: literature, buffer pads, accessories, power cord, tools, etc. If any of these items are missing, we will deduct the cost to replace these items from your refund.
  • Products shipped to (or used in) a business or shipping from a business address are not returnable under any circumstances. Any business or commercial use whatsoever will void this trial. Shipment to or from any commercial office address will also void this trial.
  • Cosmetic changes, tears, or failure of fabrics, woods, foam, pads, plastics, upholstery, exterior coverings, and damages not reported at the point of delivery will void this trial.
  • Negligence, misuse, abuse, electrical disturbances and power surges, acts of nature, or attachments, additions, alterations, or modifications by you will void this trial.
  • Any damage or malfunction whatsoever caused by an animal or pet will void the free trial. Dropped chairs or components (including remote controls) will void this trial or result in significant repair and replacement fees upon return.
  • Any product not purchased directly from us does not qualify for this trial.